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Anime Limited to release Your Lie in April in the UK

Date: 2016 April 02 15:27

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Yesterday the good folks from Anime Limited announced that they'll be releasing Your Lie in April in the UK on both Blu-ray and DVD. They aim to release it in the third quarter of 2016. Appropriately they waited until April to announce the licence.

You can catch the show on Crunchy Roll and Netflix UK.

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Anime Limited to release Your Lie in April in the UK

Details as follows:

Today we (Anime Limited) are happy to announce that we will be bringing the series Your lie in April to the United Kingdom on both Blu-ray and DVD. And no this isn’t a April fools joke,

Synopsis: Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother’s sudden death took away his ability to play. Ever since then, each day was dull for Kousei. One day, he meets one violinist by the name of Kaori Miyazono. This care-free, independent, and sometimes short-tempered girl had an eccentric playing style that immediately fascinated Kousei. His once monotonous life was about to change forever.

"If you’re someone who like to feel emotions while watching anime you simply can’t go wrong with Your lie in April" says Andrew Partridge, President of Anime Limited. "This series has all the feels. Is one of the most emotional viewing experiences I and others in the Anime Limited office have had when watching anime. But on top of that everything about this series is brilliant. The style and presentation is top notch, the soundtrack to the series is phenomenal. It’s a great adaptation of the source material and is actually a story that many in the industry are big fans of. For example, did you know that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is a huge fan of Your lie in April?"

At this time we can confirm that we’ll be bringing the series to both Blu-ray and DVD in the UK in the third quarter of 2016. We have no other details than that at this time, as soon as we can share more we’ll be sure to do so.

If you’ve not sampled the series before it was simulcast to the UK through Crunchyroll and is also now available to view on Netflix UK as well.

Source: Anime Limited
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