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Finnish iOS Users are Discovering a Whole New World of Anime with Autocorrect

Date: 2016 April 26 14:57

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We're not certain if all our readers keep up to date with Finnish tech current affairs, so read on if you haven't heard about this already. In order to explain this we need to teach you some basic Finnish.

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In Finland the long drink is a popular tipple. In Finnish it's called lonkero. It's basically a name for a gin and grapefruit juice drink. "Lonkeroko" is the question form of asking someone if they want a long drink. It's also the Finnish word for tentacle. So if you go lonkeroko? You're asking your friend if they want a long drink.

iOS devices take this to the next level and auto suggest "lonkerokoulutyttöporno", which translates as tentacle school girl porn. We've confirmed that this happens across multiple iOS devices and users. This isn't the case of autocorrect guessing the user's preferences based on previous conversation history. We've got one of our Finnish friends to confirm this.

Lonkeroko on the iPhone

Thanks goes to Joonas for showing this to us. We assumed he isn't a hentai fan. In fact he even sent us a link to a legitimate Finnish Tech news site to prove it's not just his iPhone doing this.

We're aware that iOS has an auto correct black list. There are certain words it will never suggest or auto correct to. It seems that lonkerokoulutyttöporno needs to be added to the black list.

Source: Digitoday
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