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Best Of eigoManga In 2004

Date: 2005 January 16 10:33

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The folks over at eigoManga have sent us a press release detailing their achievements this year. A full HTML version with graphics can be found here, alternatively to just read the text, read the rest of this article.

Full Story

Press release as follows:


2004 was a phenomenal year for eigoMANGA. We want to thank all of our fans and business partners for all of the support given to us. Please take a little time to reflect with us on some of the highlights of 2004.

Highlights In Publishing

RUMBLE PAK Comic Book Series

RUMBLE PAK was released to comic book stores nationwide on February 2004 and re-released to mainstream bookstores nationwide on October.

RUMBLE PAK becomes eigoMANGA's flagship comic book publication.

SAKURA PAKK Graphic Novel Series

"The sister comic to RUMBLE PAK" was released to comic book stores nationwide on November 2004.

Since then SAKURA PAKK has generated its own fan-following.

Other Publication Highlights

In the fall, eigoMANGA developed a publishing partnership with Tuttle-Mori Agency to release The Complete History of Japanese Animation.

On December RUMBLE PAK released a spin-off graphic novel, MONKEY TALE.

Highlights In Live Events

Convention Tour

eigoMANGA attended comic book and anime conventions all over the country. We had exhibition booths, presentations, manga comic tutorial workshops, and portfolio reviews.

Art Museum Exhibition

RUMBLE PAK was featured in an exhibition at San Jose Art Museum from July through October.


eigoMANGA launched a successful concert and anime career fair on the campus of San Francisco State University in May.

Apple Store Presentation

The eigoMANGA team made a presentation at the Grand Opening of The Apple Store in San Francisco in July.


Back in October, RUMBLE PAK sponsored a successful in-store concert at Tower Records in honor of its mainstream release.

Highlights In Television Production

ANIME MIX Airs Nationwide

ANIME MIX premiered on The U Network in June.

POP JAPAN TV Airs Nationwide

An eigoMANGA-produced Pop Japan TV premiered on November.

RUMBLE PAK Commercial

eigoMANGA released RUMBLE PAK commercial on The U Network in November. It's eigoMANGA first-ever commercial for national broadcast.

Download the Quicktime Commercial-Version of RUMBLE PAK
Download the Real Player Commercial-Version for RUMBLE PAK

Highlights In Business Partnerships and Charities

Artwork for Scion

In the Fall, RUMBLE PAK artists produced manga artwork for Scion xA car models.

New Comics Artists Signed With eigoMANGA

A new team of talented American and international manga artists signed on to produce new comics for RUMBLE PAK and SAKURA PAKK.

Favorite Business Development Ventures of 2004

In the Spring, eigoMANGA developed a distribution partnship with Source Interlink to supply RUMBLE PAK to mainstream book and media stores nationwide.

In the Spring, Copy Edge Printing becomes eigoMANGA's primary publishing partner for eigoMANGA's comic books and graphic novels.
In the Summer, eigoMANGA developed a deal with national cable network, The U Network to develop and release original television programming for it's network.
In the Fall, eigoMANGA signed a television distribution deal with John McLean Media syndicating ANIME MIX television programming internationally.
In November, eigoMANGA joined forces with Tofu Records to promote Japanese pop music to an American audience.

CAMPUS INVASION and RUMBLE INVASION were successful eigoMANGA concert events due to the music/event coordination partnership with Cindy Keitz(formely of Unsigned Music Network).

Favorite Charity and Community Ventures of 2004

In the Spring, eigoMANGA began a campaign with Rock The Vote to encourage anime fans to vote.
In September, reflected on the events of September 11.
On October eigoMANGA launched the "RUMBLE PAK Goes To Iraq" campaign which delivered anime care packages to the US Troops stationed in Iraq.

Best Media Exposure of 2004

eigoMANGA Featured On Television and Radio (2004)

Business Shrink -
New York Radio (Spring)

GATV - National Radio (Spring)

GamerNation - National Television (Spring)

eigoMANGA Featured In Magazines and Print Publications (2004)

Anime Insider (Summer & Winter)

Asian Week (Fall)

LO Magazine (Winter)

eigoMANGA Featured In Web Magazines (2004)

Digital Webbing
Anime News Network
Anime News Service
Anime Tourist
Animation World Network
...many others

eigoMANGA Fan Fare of 2004 experienced a record number of fan traffic on the the web site in 2004.
eigoMANGA also experienced a worldwide record number of fans signing up for the fan mailing list.
Back in the summer, a contest was held where fans from all over the world chose a name for eigoMANGA's female-oriented comic book series. Two fans from the US and Canada came up with the winning name, "SAKURA PAK".
We received the most fan feedback from a comic series called Misfile. Monkey Tale came in second.

American eigoMANGA Fans Wanted
L'Arc~en~Ciel in California!

Back in the summer, eigoMANGA received over 1500 signatures of L'arc~en~ciel fans wanting the popular Japanese rock band to perform in California.

We're looking forward to a Golden Year in 2005! We can't thank everyone enough for the continued support!

It makes everything we do worthwhile.

- eigoMANGA Team

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Source: eigoManga
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