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G4techTV Unleash Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Date: 2005 January 18 17:54

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The folks over at G4techTV have sent us the details about their anime line up. During January, they openly admit to taking a break from new episodes for their Anime Unleashed slot, showing repeats of Boogiepop Phantom and Banner of the Stars.

They're also proud to announce the first ever US airing of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi starting February 8 at 1am ET/Feb. 7 at 10pm PT.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

We're taking a break from fresh episodes of Anime Unleashed for now, but we've got re-airings of Boogiepop Phantom and Banner of the Stars I to hold you over until the next series starts early next month. Catch airings of Boogiepop Phantom all this week up to its conclusion on Tuesday, and the start of Banner of the Stars I immediately following.

Then, be sure to catch the first-ever US airing of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi starting February 8 at 1am ET/Feb. 7 at 10pm PT!

Boogiepop Phantom


One night, a column of light exploded from a building and pierced the sky. Nearby windows shattered and railings twisted with the force of the blast. Electricity failed across the city. Then, the great shaft of light faded. Electricity returned, restoring the city's skyline to normal. It had lasted but a moment, but it was the beginning.

Ever since, strange things have been happening. The world seems to have changed. The once clear sky is haunted by a malignant aurora borealis. Memory seems adrift. And urban legends are coming true.

Everyone tells the stories about Boogiepop and laughs. She comes in the dark and makes you disappear. It's a hoax. She can't exist in this day and age. But something strange is happening in the dark. And people are disappearing. Who's out there, in the shadows?

Series page on G4techTV.

Banner of the Stars (Sequel to Crest of the Stars)


Three years have passed since the events of Crest of the Stars. The initial battles sparked in "Crest" quickly decimated the forces of both the Abh Empire and its enemy, the Triple Alliance. A cease-fire was called, and both sides exploited these uneasy but battle-free years to rebuild their vast fleets. Now, with the forces of the Triple Alliance surrounding them, the Abh fleets assemble for a daring counterattack. The galactic war is about to begin again.

This deadly situation reunites Abh Princess Lafiel and the human but honorary Abh, Jinto Lin. Lafiel is now captain of an Abh assault ship, the Basroil, which is destined to partake in some of the first battles of the rekindled war, with Jinto as part of her crew.

Like "Crest," "Banner" weaves together personal and epic stories. We see a more mature Abh and Jinto, who are more frank with each other, more knowledgeable about each other's strengths and weaknesses, and more in need of each other than ever before. For they will face ghosts from the past, a possibly insane commander, the dangers of Plane Space, and the chaos of war.

Series page on G4techTV

Official Banner of the Stars page

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Source: G4techTV
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