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Little My Maid Shipped

Date: 2005 February 05 14:53

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We've got details in from PCR Distributing Co that JAST USA has shipped dating game Little My Maid. If you're like Piro from MegaTokyo, then no doubt you'll like a dating sim or two.

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Press release as follows:


San Diego, CA, Saturday, January 29, 2005 - JAST USA, the leading licensor and distributor of adult English-language dating-sim games for PCs, announced that their most recent PC dating-sim Little My Maid had shipped to wholesale and retail customers.

In Little My Maid, you play a dejected Japanese youth, upset about failing his university entrance exams and the loss of his girlfriend as a result. Walking on a beach, you encounter a beautiful maid about to be attacked. To show her thanks for saving her, she invites you to a beautiful mansion where she and two other maids wait on you and serve your every need, including your sexual needs. The characters have three stats -- love, trust and stamina -- which rise and fall depending on what you ask the maids to do. Will you train them hard, using bondage, or show them love and seek love in return? As you play through the interactive story, you discover secrets about the mysterious mansion and its owner, Hime, as well as the strict trainer-of-maids, Aya, and the ancient Japanese legend of Urashima Taro.

Little My Maid is an interactive game in which you make decisions that affect the game outcome. The game is for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP systems. The game is for adults, and all characters in the game are aged 18 or older.

JAST USA and Peach Princess have been licensing and distributing English-language bishoujo games since 1998.

Distribution information available through PCR Distributing Co.

PCR Distributing Co.
8911 Complex Dr Suite G
San Diego CA 92123
(858) 715-1134

Source: PCR Distributing Co
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