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Ghost In The Shell UK Manga Release Details

Date: 2005 February 10 08:42

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We've got details from Titan Books regarding the UK release of the new edition of the groundbreaking manga Ghost In The Shell. This is Masamune Shirow's best known work and has been reprinted in a smaller format now uncensored. Titan will also be releasing the new manga Ghost In The Shell 2: Man Machine Interface. The sequel to the original manga has lots more CG art that Shirow has become known for in his popular Intron Depot artbooks.

Both books have been translated by Frederik L. Schodt and Toren Smith, which otaku know are famed for the quality of their translation work. Both books hit the shelves on 25th February and retail for £19.99, which is reasonable considering the page count and the amount of colour artwork in both books.

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Press release as follows:

Ghost In The Shell Manga Cover

25th FEBRUARY 2005
ISBN: 1 84576 018 2


> From creator Masamune Shirow, leading light of the most popular comic genre in the world - manga - comes a new and uncut edition of his most famous and influential creation!

> In the near future, cybernetic implants and highly advanced artificial intelligence blur the boundaries between man and machine, giving birth to new forms of life – and crime! Cyborg agent Major Motoko Kusanagi is hot on the trail of the lethal Puppeteer, a hacker so powerful he can download his commands into living flesh – to control any one of the millions of humans connected to the net! Her investigative journey leads her into the twisted nexus between machinery, living technology and the human psyche!

> This new edition includes previously censored material and all the breathtaking visuals and hypersonic storytelling of the original!



* Ghost in the Shell has been a smash-hit on DVD and VHS. A DVD of the TV series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, was released in September, and a second film, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, is due imminently.

* Access the Ghost in the Shell mainframe through the authentic video game simulation software, now available for the Sony Playstation 2.0.6

Ghost In The Shell 2 - Man Machine Interface Manga Cover

25 FEBRUARY 2005
ISBN: 1-84023-767-8

Legendary manga phenomenon Shirow Masamune debuts the second volume of his action-packed examination of Japanese cyborg culture!

Motoko Aramaki is a cybernetically enhanced counter-terrorism expert who straddles the divide between the real world and the virtual networks of cyberspace. Using remote drones of her cyborg self, she seeks to solve a string of bizarre crimes, unaware that she is on a collision course with the psychic Tamaki Tamai, an investigator for the Channelling Agency. Together, Tamai and Aramaki must find the cause of a breakdown in the temporal universe whose ripples could shatter reality forever!

Blending cortex-numbing stories and nose bleed-inducing visuals, Masamune Shirow continues to set the standard by which all manga is measured!

Warning: Adults only!

* Ghost in the Shell has been a smash-hit on DVD and VHS. The manga has also spawned a TV series (Stand Alone Complex) and a sequel to the first feature film, Innocence, both of which are due for imminent release from Manga Entertainment!

* The Ghost in the Shell video game, featuring gorgeous animated sequences and thrilling gameplay, is now available for the Playstation 2.

Source: Titan Books
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