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Osaka's Sleeping Hiruneya Now Closed

Date: 2005 March 15 16:11

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The Mainichi Daily News are covering a story about Japan's first Hiruneya a space were sleepy salarymen in Osaka can go for a quick nap. Salarymen paid 500 yen for every 30 minutes for the privilege of sleeping in tents. It has turned the creator Teruo Shibata into a minor celebrity, being featured in over 200 magazines. Sadly due to narrow profit margins, Shibata had to get a second job to keep the Hiruneya running and after 8 years he has decided to finally close the sleeping pad for salarymen.

Ironically the next day the Mainichi Daily News published a story about baldness being caused lack of sleep and a high sex drive. So if you're going bald, get more sleep!

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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