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ADV Manga Job Cuts

Date: 2005 March 16 17:36

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The Anime News Network have brought to our attention problems caused by a saturated anime market, this may be good for otaku with plenty to choose from and more anime than you can possibly buy in a month (unless you've got a very big disposable income), according to Publisher's Weekly ADV's manga unit has had to make some cuts. Rumours are that as many as 40 employees have been either transferred to their publishing division (which also produces Newtype USA) or made redundant.

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ADV USA also plan to adjust their manga strategy, by publishing around 50 manga titles this year, down from 80 in 2004. They intend to focus on titles where they own both the DVD and manga rights.

These cuts correspond to Bandai Entertainment Marketing Manager Jerry Chu's comments on Mecha Anime HQ about the anime market being saturated and companies having to consolidate as a result.

Source: Publisher\'s Weekly
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