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Visit Satsuki's and Mei's House

Date: 2005 March 21 17:28

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We've been sent details from renowned anime author Helen McCarthy and journalist Ake Sasaki about the World Expo 2005 In Aichi, Japan, it looks like a dreamland for otaku!

For anime fans the highlight has to be Satsuki's and Mei's House, a replica of the house featured in Studio Ghibli's landmark My Neighbour Totoro. Just like the Ghibli Museum, entry to the house is limited to a set number of special ticket holders each day. Expo attendees must enter a lottery in advance to win the privilege of entering the house. As a result some lucky winners have taken to auctioning their tickets on-line, currently the free tickets are going for around $100 USD.

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Mecha fans can enjoy seeing real robots in action. The Corporate Pavilion Zone also has some cool technology for everyone to check out. Covering natural history the Expo will be displaying the remains of a 18,000 year old frozen Mammoth.

BBC News also have some good pictures as an introduction to event.

The Otaku News Crew note the similarities between Kiccoro and Morizo and other well known Japanese forest spirits.

Extra pictures of Satsuki's and Mei's House can be found on the Japanese pages of the Expo site.

Japan is wondeful place to visit, and if you can make it this year, you simply must pay the Expo a visit!

Source: World Expo 2005 In Aichi, Japan
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