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Anime Postage Stamps

Date: 2005 May 07 07:06

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Japanese ministry of posts and telecommunications will release a set of stamps dedicated to the 'Anime Hero and Heroine' series of stamps during 2005 with the 1st to the 3rd print run designed already.

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The first collection which will be released on June 28th will feature the popular characters from Pokemon 'Pikachu', 'Lizardu' and 'Mew' amongst others. They will be featured on the first print of 50 Yen and 80 Yen stamps which for a sheet with two of each of the five stamps will be sold for 680 yen.

Pokemon Stamps

A 1000 yen package will also be included featuring a booklet and a pokemon postcard, which will be on sale on July 22. This booklet will be available in various Japanese Post offices and will be limited to 500,000 units.

The second series of stamps will feature Gundam and will be release on August 1st and the third series will be dedicated to Galaxy Express 999 and will be released on February 1st 2006.

This is not the first time that Anime Stamps have been available on the market, but this is the first time that they were available in sheets. Stamps that were released previously included: Gundam, Tetsuwan Atom, Uchuu Senkan Yamato, Doraemon, Rose of Versailles and many more but they were always released with other stamps so one couldn’t get a single sheet of stamps dedicated to anime.

There are plans for more Anime stamps in the future but which series will be featured is yet to be announced.

Source: Anime News Network
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