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Anime Releases On CD Japan

Date: 2005 May 14 08:12

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Notable Future Releases on CD Japan will include various anime goodies ranging from Action Figures to Movie and Special Anime Soundtracks to limited addition DVD's of anime series.

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Some products that will be available to Anime Fans in the future include a Neon Genesis Evangelion PVC figure. This figure is dedicated to Soryu Asuka Langley which will portray her in a Goth Lolita Version. It comes with a base and its height is 250mm approx. It will be released in Japan on the 31st July 2005 and priced for 4800 Yen.

For Bleach Fans there will be a Limited addition DVD called Soul Society Sennyu Hen containing 4 episodes. It comes with a Drama CD and will be released on the 27th July 2005 and Priced at 3333 Yen. Also coming out at the end of May is the Bleach Original Soundtrack 1, which features music by Shiro Sagisu of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" fame. It will be priced for 3000 Yen.

Other Soundtracks that will be available on CD Japan will include a Yoko Kanno (many anime soundtracks) and Hisaaki Hogani Soundtrack called Sosei no Aquarion which will be released in June 2005 and priced for 2900 Yen. Also the Full Metal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi) Original Soundtrack out at the end of May and priced for 3000 Yen. It will include music by Michiru Oshima. and a performance by the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra.

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