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Dragon Ball Z Week on Toonami

Date: 2005 May 24 06:39

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Toonami will be premiering five of the Dragon Ball Z movies half term week (30th May-Friday 3rd June) on Toonami. A new movie will show each day at 11am and 6pm. However looking at the titles I have my suspicions that some of them may be the same dubs are were released in UK and not the Ocean/FUNimation casts from the US DVDs.

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From the Toonami Website:
Dead Zone: Monday 30 May at 11am and 6pm

Gohan has been kidnapped and the evil Garlic Junior is gathering the Dragon Balls to avenge his father's death. Goku rushes to save his son, but Garlic Junior has been granted immortality and creates a black hole called a "Dead Zone" to suck the Z Warriors into oblivion...

The Strongest Guy in the World: Tuesday 31 May at 11am and 6pm

Bonkers scientific genius Dr. Wheelo has been reincarnated as a brain living in a glass jar and wants to get the most powerful body on Earth - either Piccolo's or Master Roshi's. As he starts to take control of their minds, can Goku keep his head and save his friends?

Super Battle in the World: Wednesday 1 June at 11am and 6pm

A group of space pirates comes to Earth to plant the Tree of Might, which devours all life energy where it is rooted. When Goku and friends try to destroy the tree the evil pirates launch an attack and capture Gohan. Their leader Turles - a Saiyan - then begins a ferocious assault on Goku...

Super Saiya Son Goku: Thursday 2 June at 11am and 6pm

After Goku and Krillin save Earth from being hit by a giant asteroid, the trouble has only just started. A powerful new villain, Lord Slug, descends from the asteroid to take control of Earth and wipe out the human race. When the evil overlord discovers the seven magic Dragon Balls, it seems nothing can stop his diabolical plans from coming to pass.

The Strongest Rivals: Friday 3 June at 11am and 6pm

After their big battle with Frieza, Goku and pals take a relaxing camping trip but Frieza' brother, Cooler, interrupts their peaceful weekend. Cooler will stop at nothing until the man who killed his brother is vanquished, even if it means destroying the whole planet. Can Goku tap into his hidden powers and transform into a Super Saiyan once again?

Source: Toonami
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