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ADV UK seek to clarify grey import position

Date: 2004 August 17 18:05

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This is more gossip than solid news. ADV UK the largest distributor of anime DVDs in the UK, have started to flex their muscles at UK anime convention AmeCon. It's all politics, but the consequences could have an interesting effect on the UK Anime Industry and UK anime fandom as a whole.

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In a nut shell ADV UK are unhappy with grey importers selling Region 1 imports of titles they have the rights to. They've requested that the dealers do not sell ADV USA titles at the convention. From the dealer point of view this is a legal minefield and certain aspects of anime fandom is well a bit sketchy to say the least. Grey importing has always been part of UK Anime fandom, where titles are imported from the USA to the UK, for personal use. For more details and some interesting points check out this thread on

A few folks from AmeCon have also posted to the thread. This is where Otaku News has to remain neutral. Readers should note that Dragon has ties with United Publications, he produced and hosts their website.

Readers might also want to note that Dragon runs the London Anime Club, the longest running and largest Anime Club in the UK. He also hosts the editor of Otaku News' other website Anime Digital.

We'll keep you updated as this story unfolds at AmeCon. ADV UK are well within their rights to do this.

Source: - Chat Thread
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