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Handshaking Goat at Kobe Zoo

Date: 2005 May 31 06:43

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In Kobe Oji Zoo a goat is drawing huge crowds in order to shake its hoof according to park officials.

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The 3 year old pygmy goat called Sora, can shake with both its left and right hooves. Apparently Sora’s teacher is a 21 year old part-time handler called Ayumi Mitani.
According to Ayumi "he was surprised she learned to do it" and he added that "he is not trying to make a spectacle out of her but Sora seems to enjoy performing the actions"

Sora is a quiet-natured creature. She arrived at Oji Zoo in September 2002 from Fukuyama Municipal Zoo in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Mitani started teaching Sora how to shake hands in about the autumn of 2003. She had learned the basics within that day and mastered the art of hand shaking after about one week.

Source: Mainichi
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