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Highest paid Mangaka:Rumiko Takashi

Date: 2005 June 01 15:10

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According to Manga News service, Japan’s National Tax Administration Agency released its annual figures for the highest taxable income of celebrities for May 16. This year Rumiko Takashi resulted the highest paid Mangaka.

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Although this is almost a tradition, it is said that probably this is the last year that the Agency will make these figures available to the public in favor of protection of personal information. Below is the manga artist ranking:

1. Rumiko Takahashi - Ranma 1/2
2. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan
3. Masashi Kishimoto - NARUTO
4. Yuji Horii - Dragon Quest
5. Ritsuko Kawai - Hamtaro
6. Naoki Urasawa - MONSTER
7. Takehiko Inoue - SLAM DUNK
8. Fujio Akatsuka - Genius Bacabon
9. Yanase Takashi - Anpanman
10. Masami Kurumada - Sage Fighter Hoshiya

Source: Manga News Service
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