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Date: 2005 June 07 21:39

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Central Park Media announced on their website that will be releasing the final DVD volume to their long running series, "Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The Series". The August release will see the final episodes featuring the adventures of the SV2 Squad, the special section of the police that handles crimes committed using Labors, humanoid robots used in heavy construction in a near-future Tokyo.

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Set to be released on August 9, 2005, volume 11 of the "Patlabor" TV series will contain episodes 43-47, which sees main character Noa Izumi torn between staying with SV2 and her beloved Patlabor Alphonse or taking a job with a mysterious company piloting their new "Helldiver" robots. It all leads up to a showdown with mysterious criminal that could be SV2's last assignment.

Also being released at the same time will be the third "Patlabor" DVD collection. The collection contains volumes 9-11, featuring episodes 35-47. In addition to the episodes contained in volume 11, the set also features Noa taking down a crafty thief without the aid of Alphonse, then going toe-to-toe with the ebony mecha known as the Griffin.

The release of the final "Patlabor" DVD could mark the last that fans see of the hit mecha action/comedy series for some time. CPM has already released the seven-part "Patlabor" OAV series, and Manga Entertainment recently released the third feature film, "WXIII". If any new plans involving the "Patlabor" story and characters are in the works, nothing has yet been announced.

Source: Central Park Media website
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