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Earliest Curfew in Osaka, Japan for teens

Date: 2005 June 10 15:18

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According to Japan Today, the Osaka prefectural government is planning to revise an ordinance which will ban teens under 16 years of age from entering karaoke boxes, video arcades and other entertainment premises after 7 p.m.

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This Ordinance will take place as soon as next spring thus resulting in the earliest curfew in Japan.

Owners of the above mentioned facilities will be fined if they violate the rule. For those aged under 16 the curfew extends from 7pm till 5 am whilst for those aged under 18 it remains effective from 10pm till 5 am according to officials.

This ordinance will also ban those youths under 18 to be employed for sex entertainment establishments or from soliciting them as customers.

Source: Japan Today
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