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Change in Plans for "Patlabor" Release

Date: 2005 June 10 18:43

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Central Park Media just announced on their website that will be slightly altering its plans for the upcoming release of the final DVD volume of "Patlabor: The Mobile Police-The TV Series". The DVD collection for volumes 9-11, set for release on August 9, will be reduced in price from $49.95 SRP (suggested retail price) to $29.95 SRP.

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The change was made due to CPM's decision to "express its gratitude to its loyal 'Patlabor' fans for their continued enthusiasm and support of the 'Patlabor: The Mobile Police TV Series' throughout its long-running release schedule." The only downside to this sudden change in plans is that volume 11, the long-awaited final volume of the series, will not be available for individual release.

Source: Central Park Media
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