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New Eva Movie Box sets

Date: 2005 June 13 22:11

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Manga Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing the two movies based on the hit anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Death & Rebirth" and "The End of Evangelion", in a special edition box set. The set is set to be released on July 26, 2005 with a suggested retail price of $49.98.

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Manga Entertainment gained the U.S. distribution rights for the "Evangelion" movies after it beat out ADV Films, which brought the original TV series to American shores. Retaining the same vocal cast for the English dub, both films were big sellers upon their individual releases. The release of the box set will mark the first time the two films will be available together.

"Death & Rebirth" is a retelling of the TV series’ first 24 episodes, told from the various perspectives of some of the more major characters. New animated scenes were added to the film to provide a new and unique insight to the original story. It all leads up to "The End of Evangelion", which is comprised of two alternate episodes that take the place of the TV series’ original final episodes. Considered by many to be the true ending of the "Evangelion" saga, "The End of Evangelion" resolves many of the questions the TV series generated while sparking some interesting new ones at the same time.

The box set will contain the original DVDs of the two movies, complete with their bonus features. Also included with each set will be an Evangelion mouse pad and a postcard with original sketch art character designs.

Source: Manga Entertainment
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