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Otaku News Launches!

Date: 2004 August 18 16:29

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18th August 2004. Otaku News, a new site dedicated to anime, manga and other cool Japanese things launched today. Yes, that's this site! We intend to bring you news for fans of Japan. From Anime to Zen, with a good dose of informative articles and laughs along the way.

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Technically this site is Anime Digital Mk 2, but the original Anime Digital shall remain on the server and be updated every now and again. The Pirate Anime FAQ shall also be kept and maintained on Anime Digital. The FAQ was originally put on the web server and it makes sense to keep it there as a acknowledgement to the London Anime Club generously hosting Anime Digital free of charge for the last five years (and hopefully the next five too). It's been Slashdotted twice and the server has taken the stress without crashing, so when it gets Slashdotted again, I'm keen to keep it there ^_-

All news entered on Otaku News before this date is really test news, but is none the less valid news, so is kept for your reference. Hopefully this site will both inform and entertain you!

-- Joe Curzon
Webmaster and Editor of Otaku News

Source: Otaku News
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