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VIZ Media Makes Licensing Deals for "Naruto"

Date: 2005 July 01 21:29

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VIZ Media, LLC has announced on its website that it has made licensing deals with Bandai America and Hot Topic, Inc. for one of its most popular titles, "Naruto", the action-comedy about a young ninja, infused with the spirit of a powerful fox-demon, who strives to be the greatest ninja of all and learns life lessons along the way. This comes following the announcement of the "Naruto" anime, currently one of the highest rated shows in Japan, debuting on Cartoon Network this fall. VIZ Media currently publishes the "Naruto" manga in the monthly anthology "Shonen Jump", as well as in graphic novel format.

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Bandai America, a subsidiary of Bandai Co. Ltd., will produce video games based on "Naruto" for Sony-based platforms. In addition, the company will also produce trading card games based on the title. Details, titles and release dates for the games have yet to be announced.

Hot Topic, Inc., the national mall-based specialty fashion apparel retail chain, will produce and sell apparel and accessories based on "Naruto". The line will include T-shirts for junior girls and men, men’s hoodies, as well as stickers, pins, patches and headbands. These products will available both at Hot Topic stores and at its website. In addition, Hot Topic will also carry the best-selling "Naruto" manga in its stores. VIZ Media will also carry exclusive "Naruto" merchandise on its official website.

Representatives from all companies have expressed their excitement in the new licensing deals, feeling that they will have enormous appeal to "Naruto" fans. With the manga selling strong in both Japan and America and the hit anime already garnering excitement for its fall U.S. debut, one can expect big success for the new products.

Source: VIZ Media
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