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Nippon Airways Dolls attract hundreds of fans

Date: 2005 July 05 08:51

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According to Mainichi Daily News, hundreds of fans gathered to buy dolls with baby faces and dressed in Nippon Airways female flight attendant's uniforms.

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The 10 different little dolls have been dressed in 1 of the 10 uniforms. The carrier has decked out its employees in at various times since starting services in 1955, has got collectors going crazy.

The collection first went on sale on 1st May and about 400 people lined up at Haneda Airport to purchase one of the dolls for as long as two hours and as a result the dolls got sold out that day. A new batch will be quickly produced and the dolls will be back on sale in a couple of days.

"We've got a much bigger reaction than we had expected. We're the first company in the world that's ever released a collection of dolls to represent the corporation. It was really tough to come up with something that people would like and yet not damage the corporate image," according to Manabu Kuroda of ANA's product development team

The doll’s hair colours vary from blue, pink and yellow and the standard colour black and another feature the dolls have is huge Anime-like Eyes.

The dolls were produced by Choco Egg and designed by Takashi Murakami.
"What's really noticeable about the dolls is the quality of the skirts and stockings. The skirts have got pleats and wrinkles. And the tiny corporate logos on their little hats and the stripes on some of the uniforms are all made by hand," according to Murakami.

Dolls are selling for just 400 Yen each and complete series are already selling on online auction sites for 10,000 yen

Source: Mainichi
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