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Full-Metal Alchemist Director Appeals to Filmgoers to Make Movie a Big Hit

Date: 2005 July 23 16:21

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According to Mainichi Daily News, Seiji Mizushima the director of the animated movie based on the hit Japanese comic "Full Metal Alchemist" urged filmgoers to get their teeth into the flick and make the movie possibly a great hit.

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At a pre-screening audience of about 800 people at a Tokyo theatre on Saturday, Mizushima told the audience: "I've put my heart and soul into it to make this movie and found that the more you put your teeth into it, the better it is."
"I want you to see this movie as many times as you can." added the director.

Together with Mizushima on stage there were Shun Oguri and Miyuu Sawai, both of whom made their voice acting debuts in the movie.
Sawai said that she put her feelings into her voice when delivering her lines.
"I tried not to destroy the Alchemist's image," Oguri said, referring to one of the lead characters in the animated movie.

"Full Metal Alchemist" is about the fictional story of the two Elrich brothers, Alphonse and Edward and was created by Hiroshi Arakawa.
The animated cartoon TV series ran on Mainichi Broadcasting System and was a massive hit. The movie version continues on from action in the TV series and is set in 1923 Germany.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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