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Otaku Unite Launch TOKYOnoRADIO

Date: 2005 August 18 17:46

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We’ve just been sent details from Otaku Unite, on their new project TOKYOnoRADIO, which will be selling a number of albums from various Japanese underground groups, including the's who are famous for the "woo-hoo" song heard in Kill Bill.

Otaku Unite also inform us that they will be taking pictures of cosplayers at Otakon for their Otaku Unite DVD a documentary on anime fandom in the US.

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Press release as follows:

*Otaku Unite!*, the world's first documentary on the history of Japanese
animation fandom in the United States, is pleased to announce the launch
*Underground punk/indie/garage/ska/etc CDs from Japan*

Otaku Unite! director Eric "Eiffel" B. has decided to take advantage of
his knowledge of Japanese underground music for fun and profit (well,
just barely, check out our prices)! Launching this weekend to coincide
with Baltimore's Otakon, TOKYOnoRADIO is starting out with 38 titles
from underground Japanese artists of various genres. This number will
increase greatly over the coming months as we strive to become the
internet's #1 source for Japanese specialty music. Your stereo will be

The Otaku Unite! DVD is on its way to a retail outlet near you in the
first quarter of 2006 courtesy of NYC's Central Park Media. Cosplayers
who plan on attending Otakon this coming weekend have the opportunity to
appear on the DVD by stopping by the Central Park Media booth and
getting your picture taken. The best costumes will be featured in a
photo gallery on the DVD.

Source: Otaku Unite
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