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Nozomi Launch Kickstarter to dub Emma A Victorian Romance Anime TV Series Season 1

Date: 2018 September 21 19:19

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The good folks at US anime distributors Nozomi Entertainment have launched a Kickstarter to dub Emma A Victorian Romance Anime TV Series Season 1. The anime series is based of Kaoru Mori's much loved manga by the same name. It follows the Victorian tale of Emma a maid who falls in love with William a well to do gentleman. The original manga is lavish and very well researched, this naturally transitioned into the anime.

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Emma A Victorian Romance

They've set a goal of $110,000 USD and are so far $67,707 USD funded, with 26 days left to go for crowdfunding.

Nozomi are aiming for an authentic dub and will be working with a studio in New York. At this stage they can't promise that all the voice actors will be British as they intend to cast voices that are true to the roles. We've been told they intend to "mirror the authenticity and dedication to detail that Mori-san had when she developed her manga". New York also has a talent pool of actors from the UK and further afield thanks to the thriving theatre scene.

The anime has already received a sub only DVD release from Nozomi. The manga has been published by Yen Press and is available on and

This will be the the first time Emma gets a blu-ray release anywhere in world. Nozomi confirm that this will be a Region A only release due to standard licensing restrictions. It is possible that another distributor picks up the rights for other English speaking territories.

Nozomi Entertainment have a track record of successfully delivering Kickstarters having funded and delivered a project to to dub all of the ARIA Anime for Blu-ray.

Source: Nozomi Entertainment Kickstarter
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