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CPM Outlanders Fan-Casting Contest Begins

Date: 2005 September 24 10:03

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The nice people at Central Park Media have sent us details of their Outlanders Fan-Casting Contest. More details can be found on-line here along with the chance to win some Outlanders goodies.

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Details as follows:

"Outlanders" is a classic animation about when a boy meets a girl (who just happens to be an intergalactic princess). CPM is releasing it on DVD on February 7, 2006, and we're redubbing and remastering the entire animation leading up to it. And, because "Outlanders" is a title Central Park Media has long been asked for by fans, CPM is now letting anime fans everywhere decide the show's final line-up.

If you click on, you'll find video auditions for all of "Outlander's" main parts from a selection of the voice acting industry's top talent. After watching the videos, visitors vote for their favorites. It's that simple. The contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on September 28th, and the dubbing starts immediately after.

You're encouraged to vote early and vote often. Voting is free and no registration is required; however, including an e-mail address with your vote will include your ballot in a special drawing for a handful of "Outlanders" DVDs.

Further, CPM's "Outlanders" website will be updated with new information and one-by-one reveal the winners in a series of behind-the-scenes online video profiles as audio dubbing and video remastering progress -- all leading up to the "Outlanders" DVD release on February 7.

Source: Central Park Media
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