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Nana not so easy to adapt

Date: 2005 October 04 04:47

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According to Mainichi Daily News the director of the popular Live-action film ‘Nana’ Kentaro Onani said that it was tough to adapt from the best-selling comic book of the same name as there were too many popular scenes to choose from.

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Since opening on September 3rd Nana grossed over three billion Yen in Japan and the original manga sold 22 million copies in Japan. The story is based on two women holding the same name who cross paths.

At a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his new film Otani said "For me, the toughest thing was not being able to bring the entire comic book to the big screen,". He also added that he is satisfied to see other Japanese comics turned into movies, such as ‘Initial D’ which was also adapted into a Live-Action movie.

He expressed hopes that comics can "transcend cultures and be accepted by everyone."
"The fact that Hong Kong has produced two directors who are so charismatic made me want to come to Hong Kong and get to know Hong Kong directors better," he said.

Otani finally stated that he admires Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan and and art-house director Wong Kar-wai.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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