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IMAF 2005 Winners

Date: 2005 October 25 12:09

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The winners of this years IMAF have been announced. Michiru Morikawa's manga "Advent" and Sumito Sakakibara's animated film "Kamiya's Correspondence" will share the grand prize. Special congratulations go to our very own Voxie for wining the Student Children’s Character Design category.

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Student Adult Animation
1st : "Kamiya’s Correspondence" – Sumito Sakakibara******
Commended – "MIMeMA" – Matt Evans
Student Children’s Animation
1st : "Side Effects" – Qin Leng
Commended – "Skyship" – Allan Jones
Open Adult Animation
1st : "Suba" – Alaister Graham
Commended – "Glass Sword" – Irvan Hanafi
Open Children’s Animation
"Chaleur d’Hiver" – Christine Dallaire-Dupont
Student Adult Character Design
1st : "Mikiko" – Qun Leng
Commended – "Brinks" – Samantha Atkinson
Student Children’s Character Design
1st : "Jumper" – Rhoda Villegas
Commended – "Happy Smiley Jail" – Viet Joan
Open Adult Character Design
1st : "Goldminer" – Kevin Trieu
Commended – "The Wheel" – Nick Burke
Open Children’s Character Design
1st : "Lila" – Julie Bacellar
Commended – "Banzai" – Robert DeJesus
Student Adult Manga/Storyboard
"Paper Cuts" – Debbie Tsoi
Student Children’s Manga/ Storyboard
"Cybercrush" – Joanna Zhou
Open Adult Manga/Storyboard
1st : "Advent" – Michiru Morikawa******
Commended – "The Wheel" – Nick Burke
Open Children’s Manga/ Storyboard
"Bonzai" – Daniel Atanasov
****** = shared $30,000 = $15,000 each Grand Prize

Source: IMAF
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