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Miyazaki on TCM in January

Date: 2005 October 26 23:18

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Turner Classic Movies will be airing anime films by Hayao Miyazaki in January.

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If there was ever any proof that anime was making it to the big time, this is it. Anime News Network has reported that several films from legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki will be aired on Turner Classic Movies this January. At least nine of Miyazaki's works will be broadcast on TCM, the 24-hour cable and satellite channel dedicated to showcasing the best films ever made, going all the way back to the classic days of black-and-white.

Regarded by many as the "Steven Spielberg of anime", Miyazaki has directed some of the best anime feature films to be released. His films cover a variety of genres, and often feature youngsters who come of age while overcoming major obstacles, usually supernatural in nature. Miyazaki is a favorite of film critic Roger Ebert, and gained much recognition when his film Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2002.

A full list of the Miyazaki films being aired on TCM will be posted next week on the Schedule page of the channel's website. However, it has been reported that Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Naussica: Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, and Porco Rosso will be among those featured. Also among the selected titles will be Whisper of the Heart, which Miyazaki did not direct but wrote the screenplay. And while TCM usually airs foreign films in their original language with English subtitles, it is not known at this time whether this will be the case for the Miyazaki films being shown.

Source: Anime News Network
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