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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

Date: 2020 February 23 15:24

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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the latest cinematic offering for the My Hero Academia series. It hits cinemas around the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th February 2020. Of course you want to know is it any good? Well read on to find out!

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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the latest cinematic offering for the My Hero Academia series.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

For those unfamiliar the manga and anime is set in world where 80% of the world's population have some kind of super power known as a quirk. So society has real super heroes who are skilled at using their amazing abilities to save the day.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

The movie starts with immediate action in the form of a high octane car chase (in some slightly too CGI cars). This sets the scene for the movie as there's clearly a mystery that needs to be solved as some villains are up to something.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

We're then treated to a snappy opening sequence explaining quirks and the characters are rendered in a cool screen tone style.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Meanwhile on the remote Nabu Island Class 1-A are on duty as part of the Practical Hero project. They're doing the work of real heroes. As it's a small island with population of about 1,000. It's a peaceful place, so they're generally doing minor hero duties such as finding lost items or helping the local population with odd jobs that suit their quirks. As this is Class 1-A they all put their best into it.

Then of course, because it's Class 1-A villains get involved.

We won't really go into any more of the story as we pride ourselves on being spoiler free, the details we've given so far, are already available on official synopsis for the movie.

The story is set after the Shie Hassaikai Arc (which is about mid way through season 4 of the anime) although being a bit behind won't spoil much as the events in the film are mainly standalone.

The animation quality is great, especially with some of the action scenes when everything is dialled up.

As fans of My Hero Academia we really enjoyed this movie. It's like a self contained story arc. This time around the whole of Class 1-A get to shine, each has their own moment. Baku is well, Baku, being angry, full of rage and short fused as you'd expect. Todoroki is there to cool things down and heat stuff. Even grape headed Minoru gets to show how useful his quirk can be! It's exactly what you'd expect and want from a My Hero Academia class outing. Of course there's bits of humour, but once it revs up the action doesn't stop!

The action is well done, with epic set pieces and well choreographed. It's just like the show, but with the action taken to the next level.

The final fight is dialled all the way up to 11, and then it goes beyond, to plus ultra. Then it gets a bit abstract and drags on a bit to really rub the point in. This is a fight with lots of power in!

This second movie captures the spirit of the series. It's not just about Deku, but about the whole class. We get to see the class camaraderie and team work that makes the series so great. While you're watching you realise the villains aren't just regular goons that can be swatted away, you feel that the class is truly in danger.

While the movie won't win any awards for innovation, it really does hit the spot. It does exactly what it sets out to do - to entertain fans of the show and it delivers. It's just what you want from a My Hero Academia cinema outing. If you like the show, you'll love this movie.

What's also impressive about this movie is the turnaround time from Japanese cinema to UK release. The feature was originally released in Japanese cinemas on December 2019. It's only just February 2020 and they've got a cinema grade dub out, along with a sub release to choose from. We hope this kind of release pace if a sign of the future!

The move will hit cinemas around the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th February 2020. The movie will be shown in both subbed and dubbed formats. To find a screening near you vist the official UK movie website.

Source: Otaku News
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