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NewType Spin-off Announced

Date: 2005 November 18 10:35

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Adult-version of NewType magazine, NewWords will be released in November.

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Anime News Network has announced that Kadokawa Shoten, publisher of NewType magazine, will launch NewWords, an adult version of the hit magazine. The first issue is set to be released on November 25 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of NewType.

NewType magazine is the most popular magazine of its type in Japan. Taking its title from the term used for psychically gifted humans in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, the monthly publication provides news and articles about all things anime, including manga, games, reviews and even articles from famous names in the field. In 2002, American anime distributor ADV Films began publishing NewType USA, giving American otaku a chance to read the magazine and check out peeks of new upcoming series, both in America and Japan.

NewWords will be an "Otono" ("adult") magazine with content geared more towards mature audiences and less towards teenagers. Its contents will not only focus on anime and games, but also on other visual entertainment genres such as live action, and even about adult life styles. The debut issue will feature articles on new adult-oriented anime and live action films to be released in 2006, and will also include a Universal Media Disc for the first episode of Blood+, the television spin-off of Blood: The Last Vampire. In addition, Kojima Hideo, director of the Metal Gear video game series, will write an article to be featured in the magazine. Hideo mentioned it in a recent entry of his web log. It is not known at this time, however, if the article will appear in the first issue.

Kadokawa Shoten has a full announcement about the new magazine on their website at the following link There is currently no mention of whether or not an American version of NewWords will be released in the near future, or if at all.

Source: Anime News Network
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