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Butler Cafe' to open In March for Otaku Girls

Date: 2006 February 27 13:08

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According to Akadot a new café’ called Butler Café’ which is targeted towards Otaku Girls is going to open at the end of March.

The Café is located In East Ikebukuro, an otaku haven near Otome Road and the Butler Café’ will be a rival to the Maid Café’ which opened some time ago.

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Butler Café’ aims to to present the perfect image of the classic butler. That is, a perfect gentlemen, sporting a tail-coat and black hair. Customers will be greeted at the door with a courtly "Welcome, Your Highness" just as royalty would be greeted in their castle. The Maid Café’ is known for their waitresses greeting the customers with a simple "Welcome, Honey" type of vibe.

The Café is currently hiring people for the job and a representative said "We get plenty of regular applicants. Because this café’ is aiming to provide a high-class, relaxing atmosphere, we get many people that simply want to work in a calmer environment."

When you think of a butler you think of a servant at a high-class establishment. The decor and kitchenware are tailored to match that image. The menu is mostly western food, with many sweets and teas to choose from. The only thing they need now is to start hand-feeding grapes.

The Café’s proper name will be "Butler Cafe Swallowtail" and for more checkout the official website

Source: Akadot
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