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Mixed Reactions Over Manga Panties Giveaway

Date: 2006 February 28 13:05

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According to the Daily Mainichi News, Japanese magazine Cyzo has lashed out over a new manga that is being promoted with the gift of a pair of what they are describing as being "commonly worn by pre-schoolers".

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In their March edition, the magazine has attacked the publisher Akaneshinsha over the inclusion of the offending underwear in their new manga Shiawase Pantsu . The source of the offence is apparently due to the fact that these small articles are advertised as being suitable for 130cm tall girls, and while the manga is only available to over 18's, Cyzo believes that this promotion encourages Lolicon (Paedophilic) behaviour.

The publishers state that these tiny elements of lingerie are only given out to let readers know what they are really like.

In spite of these points, sales of Shiawase Pantsu have been so high that the publishers have had to shut down advanced orders.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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