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It's E3!

Date: 2006 May 09 04:39

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Even before even the main doors open the main players were fighting to get news out first. There's a lot to go through as the next gen battle finaly heats up.

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The first of these events is the SCE conference in which Sony go over their aims for the PS3 and PSP.The PS3 is set to come in with a hard drive as standard $499 for a 20 GB version, $599 for the 60GB version with a launch date of November 17th for Europe and North America.
The controller has also been unveiled and it seems to be an update of the Dual Shock, though it seems obvious that it's been inspired by Nintendo; the controller is wireless with tilt control. Many of the developers were only recently told of this. IGN have a run down of the videos and games announced which include yet more Grand Turismo, an Eye Toy card game called Eye of Judgement, a new Gundam game and another Sonic game which is still set on Earth.

Square Enix were also busy announcing FFXIII for the PS3 with a trailer animated by the Advent Children team with the game being developed by the FFX team. The game runs on something SquareEnix call the "white engine" which they have built to run all their next gen games. FFXIII will also see two companions Fabula Nova Crystallis FF XIII, and another PS3 title called FF Versus XIII made by the Kingdom Hearts team. Footage has already started circulating on the net . Dragon Quest fans need not feel left out as they’ve also announced a Dragon Quest game will be available at launch of the Wii, and has been titled "Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen at the Tower of Mirrors" we’re hoping that title means that the Wii controller will come in handy for some creative slicing and dicing. A Dragon Quest DS game will also be playable at E3.

Nintendo confirm long running rumours about Twilight Princess are true as Time magazine publish articles with sneak peaks and there will by Wii functions. The controller will become a sword ,bow and fishing reel! Wario Ware Wii has also been announced and ought to be an excellent showcase for the controller along with a Nintendo Tennis game. The actual Nintendo event has yet to start, and I assume the start of E3 will mean much more news, since Nintendo usually save something big up for the actual event.

So far only small drips of information on the next year for the 360 have become available so there should be something for every console gamer, not to mention PC users.

Source: IGN
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