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Manga Summer Reading

Date: 2006 June 30 10:29

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Tokyopop teams up with the Los Angeles Public Library to launch manga summer reading program.

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Libraries all over the country try various ways to encourage kids to read over the summer. This summer, the Los Angeles Public Library will team up with Tokyopop to launch the "Manga Madness Summer Reading Club". This first-of-its-kind collaboration will encourage teens to read, using the most unlikely type of reading material: manga.

It’s probably no surprise that this collaboration is happening. More and more libraries across the United States have been stocking manga on their shelves as more titles become available and demand for them rises. Librarians at the LAPL’s Central Library and its 71 branches have doubled and, in some cases, even tripled the number of manga titles and series for their young adult collections due to high demand from teen readers.

"What better way to get teens into the library and reading regularly than to offer them something they love to read," said Georgette Todd, manager of the LAPL’s Young Adult Services, which coordinated the program. "Once they are here, they will be exposed to all the other great resources available to them including a large variety young adult literature, study materials, PSAT and SAT books, computers, magazines, CDs, videos and other materials."

"Librarians across the U.S. hopped onboard the manga train quite early, so a partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library seemed like the natural next step in Tokyopop’s Manga Revolution," added Tokyopop executive Holly Smith. "We are honored to be working with the LAPL and are extremely excited about getting teens excited about reading!"

The Manga Madness Summer Reading Club will be aimed at teens ages 11 to 18. Teens who join at their local branch library will receive a free folder, book bag, reading log, and bookmarks. Each of the 71 branches of the LAPL will have special scheduled teen programs as part of the club, and each club member will receive a certificate at the end of the summer reading program.

Source: Tokyopop
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