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Adults Enjoy Colouring In Too

Date: 2006 July 10 07:38

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The Mainichi Daily News has an interesting story about adults going back to childhood pastimes. In an article that reads a bit like product placement Mitsubishi Pencil Co. have released a range of colouring pencils for middle aged and senior people. This is apparently to meet the demand for the current colour boom for retired people. Stationary manufactures claim that colouring in and thinking about separating colours provides a good mental workout. The range has special water colour pencils that produce a watercolour hues when pictures are brushed with water, along with erasable colour pencils (which do exactly what they say). There is no word yet if these pencils will be imported or if similar models will be made available over seas. We’re sure budding artists will want to get a hold of them!

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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