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Tokyopop Music

Date: 2006 July 14 10:42

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Tokyopop announces their own music line to release tunes based on hit anime.

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They started out translating and publishing manga, then moved on into anime, novels, original material. Now Tokyopop has announced that they’ll be branching out even further in its expansion into what they describe as a fully integrated media entertainment company focused on the "manga lifestyle" by producing music with their own highly anticipated record label, Tokyopop Music.

Tokyopop will be teaming up with the Digital Rights Agency, the leading worldwide digital music distributor, which distributes independent record label catalogs to digital outlets around the world. DRA currently distributes more than 350 leading independent record labels in 15 countries, either directly or through sub-distribution relationships, with a total catalog of 380,000 tracks to more than 300 mobile and Internet outlets worldwide. Such outlets include download stores, subscription services, Internet-connected jukeboxes and ringtone providers.

"There is a rising thirst amongst fans to access this niche music category and now Tokyopop is the exclusive company to quench that thirst," said Ben Chan, Music Supervisor for Tokyopop. "We have plans to release more than 20 albums per year featuring the coolest music from Asia and we feel than DRA’s excellent technology platform, worldwide reach and marketing expertise will serve Tokyopop Music very well."

"The launch of Tokyopop Music marks the beginning of our move into the music space," said Tokyopop CEO and CCO Stu Levy. "In the near future, Tokyopop will be producin anime and manga soundtracks, mangapods (audio books), ringtones, manga podcasts, and much more. We are currently considering building a satellite radio channel. With these plans in mind, DRA is the perfect partner for Tokyopop in expanding our audio business to Internet and mobile outlets."

DRA Managing Director Tuhin Roy had this to say: "We are very excited to partner with Tokyopop and to have the chance to connect millions of manga and anime fans worldwide with the music they love."

The new Tokyopop Music label premieres with three diverse compilation albums. Tokyopop Present Drift 2 Die is a mix of electronica and hip hop based on the hit anime and manga Initial D, produced by b_nCHANt_d and D.J. Milky. "Tokyopop Presents Anime Trax Volume One, with music by D.J. Milky and b_nCHANt_d, features music tracks from hot anime properties, including GTO, Rave Master, Princess Ai, and more. Finally, there's Tokyopop Presents Beats 4 Riderz, featuring hip hop music music from Street Fury, Initial D and various other properties, produced by D.J. Milky and b_nCHANt_d. Album track listings are available upon request.

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