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Nodame Cantabile becomes a Live-Action TV Drama

Date: 2006 August 16 14:55

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The popular manga series Nodame Cantabile, which is set to a backdrop of classical music, is on the road to becoming a live-action TV drama series. The series will air on Fuji TV on October 16th.

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Nodame Cantabile is about Megumi Noda, a pianist whiz kid who is adamant on being called "Nodame". Unique in every aspect, Nodame Cantabile is a comedy with a gripping storyline and characters. The manga itself has sold more that 11 million copies in Japan since it’s creator Tomoko Ninomiya began the series in 2001. Nodame Cantabile has even had it’s own CD collections and performances playing music that are in the series.

Ever since the series began, fans have caused a commotion demanding that this manga should be turned into a live-action TV drama. It was not until now, after much hard work at auditions and casting attempts, that Fuji TV finally found the right pair of actors to play the story’s lead roles. Nodame will be brought to life by the talent of Juri Ueno, a 20-year-old actress who is best known for her role in Swing Girls. And Hiroshi Tamaki, who debuted in the blockbuster film and drama series Waterboys, will play Shin'ichi Chiaki.

Source: Akadot
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