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Dragon Quest DVD Box-set Now On Sale In Japan

Date: 2006 August 23 15:25

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The Dragon Quest anime series is all together spread out, lengthy and a very interesting series that has yet to be licensed in America. You would think that a series which involved Akira Toriyama, creator of the insanely popular anime series Dragonball Z, would have his anime adaptation of the already popular ENIX RPG video game (also known as Dragon Warrior in the USA), be released in the USA. But that is beside the point right now. In the planning stages of about five years now, a brand new R2 DVD-Box will soon go on sale in Japan.

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This boxset is a compilation of the 42 episode Abel Densetsu TV series broadcast from December 1989 on Fuji Television Network. Toriyama worked as the original character designer for the Katsuhisa Yamada and Takeyuki Kanada directed Studio Comet production.

The plot throws together the stories from both Dragon Quest III and IV. Extras within the box include a cool illustrated 132-page book and Omake Disc. The street release is October 10, 2006, 1050 minutes/42 episodes, and the product number is SVDB-114. The price; 39,900 yen. Just so you know, Wikipedia has a listing for this anime; they add that Saban brought 13 dubbed episodes to the US and Canada in 1990, titled Dragon Warrior. The show was never popular enough to receive a prime time Saturday morning slot in most cities (if any at all), and not only that but at the time Entertainment weekly put it on it's list of most violent animated programs, Akira Toriyama also sued Saban because his name is not put in the English version's credits. Unlike the Japanese version, which featured an original, electronic musical score, the American version of "Dragon Warrior" used Orchestral Dragon Question music by Sugiyama.

Source: Anime News Service
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