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Tokyo Game Show 2004

Date: 2004 September 27 13:37

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This year’s annual Tokyo Game show has been and gone with a massive 160,096 attendees. Highlights included the new Sony PSP handheld, as well as a plethora of games for the new Nintendo DS.

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The DS certainly has a wide range of titles from the bizarre stalk-em-up/dating game Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (which uses the DS touch screen technology,) to Square Enix’s Monster raising series Hanjuku Hero, which will see a new PS title as well as a DS version that( you guessed it )will feature more stylus centred game play.

The PSP will also see some virutal pet style games with a revival of Dokodemo Issho, (a virtual pet game originally released on Playstation which made use of the pocket station). Where players teach a virtual pet, words (indicating if they are verb, noun etc). The PSP will also see a return of Sony franchises like ape escape.

The PS2 seems to be in for a good year with a ton of sequels including FFXII, Tekken 5 and Dragon Quest VIII.

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