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J-Pop Go Halloween Special Fright Night

Date: 2006 October 08 15:15

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The vampires from J-Pop Go have sent us the details for their next event, set for Saturday 28th October with a Halloween theme - Kowaiathon night. J-Pop Go will be held at thier regular venue of Cafe Manga, near the Westminster Bridge end of County Hall in London. Tickets will be £5 with discount for cosplayers at their discretion. We suggest Ring and Grudge based costumes for a frightning night!

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Press release as follows:

J-Pop Go returns on Saturday 28th October to present our Halloween-themed KOWAIATHON night - a spooky evening along with the usual J-Pop goodness.

We'll also have a night of fantastic J-Pop and J-Rock from old school to underground through to anime and game tunes courtesy of our Djs including Jimmy Messerschmitt, Chococat, Voxie, Take Off and GenkiBoi. Expect a range of sounds from the likes of Puffy, Tommy February6, Polysics, Guitar Vader, Mika Bomb, YMO, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Sandii and The Sunsetz, Halcali, Utada Hikaru, Rip Slyme and much more. A free Raffle for paying attendees will also be available with superb anime prizes from our good friends at ADV Films.

Our venue of choice will again be Cafe Manga (which is at the Westminster Bridge end of County Hall). Kick off is 7pm on Saturday October 28th and tickets will be £6. Discounts for cosplayers will be available at our discretion. We're also introducing discounts for subscribers to the J-Pop Go magazine as well. You can order tickets online via the J-Pop Go website or you can buy tickets directly on the door on the night. Please note that tickets will be strictly limited for this event.

Update - 9th October 2006

Apologies, but there's been a last minute change of plan for the Halloween J-Pop Go. The venue have told us that we cannot stage a live band on that specific night. So The Shinonome Orchestra will not be performing at J-Pop Go on the 28th October.

However, J-Pop Go will still be taking place on that same date and the ticket price has been revised as a result of the change of plan. Tickets for J-Pop Go will now be £5. No online ticket orders have been processed so far, but they'll now be processed with that reduced ticket price. If anyone who has ordered tickets wishes to cancel their order then please contact us directly.

Apologies for anyone who made specific plans to travel in order to see The Shinonome Orchestra and we'll look at hosting live bands again perhaps in the future.

Source: J-Pop Go
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