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New blu ray editions for Neon Genesis Evangelion series announced for UK-US-AUS

Date: 2021 August 30 20:39

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UK, US, Australian anime video labels reveal new details for multiple upcoming releases of seminal 90s mecha action TV series and its original films.

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UK label Anime Limited announced today two new additions for their Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series schedule. These two releases will complement the ultimate edition already announced earlier this month. Comprising a Collector's edition and a standard Edition, the releases will also have a simultaneous equivalent in Australia and the United States.

Ultimate Edition EVA

While the ultimate edition will include the original TV series plus the movies Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion, plus the original dub version produced by ADV back in the 90's, the Collector's edition and the Standard edition will be more affordable and will be missing certain items from the ultimate edition. Missing will be a 156-page book, limited edition Laserdisc-era artwork, artboards, Sachiel resin paperweight, and a NERV ID card with a lanyard. The Collector's edition will have the same disc count and also have a 40 page book plus 8 art cards. The Standard Edition will only include the new dub and subtitled version of this show plus the two theatrical films. It will NOT contain the original dub version by ADV. Also the ending song "Fly me to the moon" will not be available on any version of the releases (presumably due to music clearance issues).

The ultimate edition is available exclusively from Anime Limited UK, the Collector's edition is available exclusively from Zavvi, and the standard edition will be available in all major retailers. There are equivalent releases available in the United States through GKids and in Australia through Madman.

Collectors edition EVA blu ray

With the recent release of the later Rebuild films directed by original Evangelion director and creator Hideki Anno on Amazon Prime, Neon Genesis Evangelion is experiencing a new resurgence among newer anime fans who were not around for the series' original run. Coupled with the new dub created by Netflix for their streaming service, the series shows no signs of outstaying its welcome any time soon for its viewers and fans.

Standard edition EVA

Series description (From official Anime Limited site):

Created by Hideaki ANNO, the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION television series is one of the most influential animated series of all time. Since its 1995 premiere in Japan, the story of teenager Shinji Ikari has emerged as one of the most iconic titles in animation history and a global pop culture phenomenon.

A formative title in the animation canon, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION demonstrated the ability of animation to tell stories of philosophy, and intellectual and emotional characters, unlike anything that had been seen before in animation on a global scale.

Source: Official Anime Limited EVA site
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