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Video Games Live 2010 PBS Special Broadcast, DVD/Blu-ray and CD Details

Date: 2010 June 04 17:19 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

US fans of video games and the great music behind it rejoice. The nice folks at Videos Games Live have sent us details about the PBS Special DVD/Blu-ray and CD. The Bay Area will also receive a sneak peak on June 7th. The 90 minute Video Games Live special will be broadcast nationally across the USA. It premieres on July 31 and will air throughout August 2010 on PBS stations, so check your local listings.

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

London MCM Expo win new world record for largest handheld game console party

Date: 2010 May 29 13:21 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

We've got some news hot of the press from this weekend's London MCM Expo. As of today 29th May 2010, they've gained the world record for largest handheld game console party.

Damian Field - Official Adjudicator Guinness World Records said -
"It's a tremendous achievement for the MCM Expo to reach a number of 586 smashing the existing world record of 381. It's rare for a UK mass participation to reach over 500"

Congratulations everyone involved!

Souce: London MCM Expo

BlazBlue Art Exhibition in Bath

Date: 2010 May 11 16:35 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Bath based gamers or those who are interested in the game design process will want to head over to the the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution to see the BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Exhibition. The exhibition will open on Wednesday 12th of May 2010. It's a great chance to see all the hard work and little details that goes into making a game.

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MCM Expo to host Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and DS National Championships

Date: 2010 May 04 16:32 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The count down to the London MCM Expo continues continues. Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! Will want to keep 29th to 30th May free for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG National Championship and the Yu-Gi-Oh! DS National Championship. The national champisionship is the gateway to the European Championship, which in turn lead on to the World Championship.

Read More... | Souce: London MCM Expo

London MCM Expo May 2010 reminder

Date: 2010 April 17 18:35 | Posted By:

Category > Events

UK based readers will want to head to London next Month for the London MCM Expo on 29th and 30th May 2010. The event has become regular addition to the anime fans calendar. This time around they're going to need your help breaking a world record for largest handheld game console party. Nintendo DS owners will want to be part of the world record!

Read More... | Souce: London MCM Expo

Wired at the Tokyo Game Show

Date: 2009 September 29 16:34 | Posted By:

Category > Fandom

Wired have an interesting article about the Tokyo Game Show, it includes some good cosplay photos too.

Souce: Wired

Video Games Live Announces 30 More Tour Dates for 2009

Date: 2009 August 29 09:34 | Posted By:

Category > Events

We've been sent the details from Video Games Live, who have just added 30 more shows to their 2009 tour. Video Games Live is a great cross over event, which is great fun for fans of video games and fans of top orchestras.

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

Doujin shooter game QLIONE out now for download

Date: 2009 August 29 09:13 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming > PC

Fans of Doujin shooter games will be pleased to hear that Rockin' Android's QLIONE is now available to download for $9.99 from and

Read More... | Souce: Rockin\' Android

MCM Expo Retain Video Games Cosplay World Record

Date: 2009 August 24 14:16 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

We've just been send the details from the folks behind the MCM Expo. They currently hold the Video Games Cosplay World Record with 376 cosplayers at the 23rd May 2009 London MCM Expo. They expected the record to beaten at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. However they managed to get 311 video games cosplayers. As a result they intend to raise the bar even higher at the next London MCM Expo this October 2009.

Read More... | Souce: London MCM Expo

BBC News Stroll around Akihabara

Date: 2009 July 09 08:36 | Posted By:

Category > Culture

BBC News have just published an interesting article about their stroll in Akihabara the otaku heartland.

The article introduces readers to the area, then they go on a tour around the district. They cover the hardware hacking scene in the area, focusing on the component shops. This is then followed by a mention of the surveillance equipment available. It then concludes with the homemade software culture, the article calls it unlicensed software, but we think they mean doujin software.

"This underground amateur culture has always been a big part of Akihabara and 'otaku' culture, back from home made comic books, now moving into homemade hardware and software."

Souce: BBC News

Star Ocean: The Last Hope European Release Details

Date: 2009 May 29 16:17 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The good folks at Square-Enix have sent us details for the European release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope on Xbox 360. It's due to hit the stores on Friday 5th June, 2009. There's also a limited edition collectors box.

Read More... | Souce: Star Ocean Website

Homemade Katamari Controller

Date: 2009 May 26 04:05 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

On browsing the internet we've discovered a hardware hacker at play. Kellbot has built a Katamari Ball Controller for the Playstation 2. There's video footage explaining how it works along with a circuit diagram on her blog.

The Katamari controller is basically a giant trackball. The creator considered using a yoga ball, but found it impractical. We wonder if Namco will create an official trackball add on for the game? There seems to be tons of alternative controllers for consoles now, and a trackball could surely be used in more than one game? Super Monkey Balls would be great too!

Souce: Kellbot

London Expo May 2009 Event Details

Date: 2009 April 20 16:43 | Posted By:

Category > Events

Anime fans who can get to London on the weekend of the 23rd to the 24th of May 2009, will want to visit the London MCM Expo at the Excel Centre. As always anime is well represented, with many of the UK anime and manga companies having a stall or some sort of presence, along with lots of dealers selling great merchandise. The event is also a huge draw to cosplayers, with many of the attendies in fancy dress!

Like last time, the event also plans to smash its current world record for the amount of video game related cosplay. It's set to be a fun weekend! So keep your calendars free. ^_^

Read More... | Souce: London MCM Expo

Rockin' Android to release doujin games for the PC

Date: 2009 March 26 16:19 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming > PC

We've just been sent an exciting press release from Rockin' Android about their plans to release doujin videogames (sometimes referred to as 'indie games') on the PC.
In a nutshell they've licensed and translated a great selection of indie games for release in the US, Canada, South America and Western Europe territories.

Don't forget to check their website to see a selection videos and interesting articles about the games they're going to release.

Read More... | Souce: Rockin\' Android

Brain Training Flawed

Date: 2009 March 01 09:05 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

BBC News are running an interesting article about the popular Brain Training games. The article states the games are marketed as helping improve memory, keep the mind fit and active, and even in some cases starve off dementia.

"None of the claims was supported by peer-reviewed research in a recognised scientific journal and much of it was flawed, they concluded."
The article is based research by Consumer group Which? . Apparently surfing the internet or chatting to friends would have the same effect. They also cite Dr Chris Bird a clinical neuroscientist at University College London:
"There is no evidence that using this product will have any functional impact on your life whatsoever".

Martyn Hocking, editor at Which?, said:
"If people enjoy using these games, then they should continue to do so - that's a no-brainer."

Apparently people can get the same benefit from doing a crossword. Although the article fails to mention that you can't play Chrono Trigger or Mario Kart in a crossword book. ^_-

Souce: BBC News

Video Games Live Announces 45 More Tour Dates

Date: 2009 February 28 15:57 | Posted By:

Category > Events

We love Video Games Live. The concept is simple, but brilliantly executed - great music from video games, played by a live orchestra! We've got some exicting news from them about the next few venues.

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

Phoenix Wright: The Musical

Date: 2009 January 19 17:54 | Posted By:

Category > Culture

Japan Probe have an interesting story about Phoenix Wright: The Musical. Performed by an all-female musical theatre group Takarazuka Revue. All the roles in the musical are played by females, including Phoenix himself.

The article states that the main demographic for the Takarazuka Revue is mostly women, split between college age and over 60s. The show opens in Japan on February 5th 2009.

Souce: Japan Probe

Gaming Cosplay World Record set in London

Date: 2008 October 28 17:59 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Following on from our earlier article about the Gaming Cosplay World Record we can confirm that they did break the record on Saturday 25th October 2008, for the largest gathering of people dressed up as video games characters. A total of 342 people were dressed as characters from games, narrowly beating the record set only last week in Germany with 337 people. These figures were verified by Guinness World Records.

Disappointingly the number for the London record could have been bigger, but some people were disqualified for dressing as characters that weren't primarily video games characters (we did warn about this), such as Lego Batman, or Indiana Jones. The question is how long will this record be held?

Souce: BBC News

Cosplayers at the Tokyo Gameshow

Date: 2008 October 20 03:37 | Posted By:

Category > Fandom

Wired Magazine have a little feature about Cosplayers at the Tokyo Game Show. They’ve got an interesting selection of characters, including the Prince from Katamari and a Chibi Chun-Li.

Souce: Wired

Gaming Cosplayers in London, be part of a world record.

Date: 2008 October 16 16:52 | Posted By:

Category > Events

A keen eyed Otaku News reader has sent us details of a world record attempt, for the largest gathering of people dressed up as video game characters, which will occur on Satury 25 October 2008 at the London ExCel centre for the London MCM Expo.

Cosplayers should note that the characters have to been in video games before other media.
Eg: Sonic the Hedgehog started out in a video game, so he's fine to cosplay as.
Batman however started out in a comic book, so he does not count.

Read More... | Souce: London MCM Expo

An interview with Kari Wahlgren

Date: 2008 September 07 11:01 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Thanks to go the great folk at AmeCon 2008, we were able to interview their main guest, voice actress Kari Wahlgren. You may have heard her in the American dub of FLCL as Haruko, or Robin in Witch Hunter Robin or Scarlett in Steamboy to name a few of her roles. As well as many video games you've probably played.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News /

Tuiteru Cosplay Night in Tokyo

Date: 2008 August 31 12:10 | Posted By:

Category > Freaky Things

Crossplaying readers or indeed those interested in photographing crossplayers in the Tokyo area should be interested to know about a special cosplay event on 2008 September 27th Saturday to promote a new game called TUITERU by C:Drive.

What's also interesting is the venue chosen, Studio Snappy. A venue to photograph cosplayers. It seems that someone in Japan will cater to the every demand of the otaku market!

Read More... | Souce: Tuiteru Cosplay Night

Video Games Live: Volume One album details

Date: 2008 July 07 17:47 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

We've got some exciting news from Video Games Live, the popular Video Games themed concert with orchestras and choirs will be releasing an album soon. The digital release will be downloadable in the UK from July 7th, 2008 on iTunes, with the CD release staggered to coincide with Video Games Live events, beginning in San Diego, California on July 24th and Leipzig, Germany on August 20th.

The Track listing is as follows:
1 - Kingdom Hearts
2 - Warcraft Suite
3 - Myst Medley
4 - Medal of Honor (Live)
5 - Civilization IV Medley
6 - Tetris Piano Opus No. 1
7 - God of War Montage (LIVE)
8 - Advent Rising Suite
9 - Tron Montage
10 - Halo Suite
11 - Castlevania Rock (LIVE)

We're looking forward to this release as Video Games live is great fun. ^_^

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

Street Fighter Tribute Hardcover Edition art book

Date: 2008 April 29 16:17 | Posted By:

Category > Retail

We've been sent details from UDON Entertainment about the new Street Fighter Tribute Hardcover artbook, which is now available for pre-order and features art from J.Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes, and Penny Arcade's Gabe, lvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Omar Dogan and others.

Read More... | Souce: UDON Entertainment

Largest gathering of gaming cosplay - March 18th London

Date: 2008 March 04 13:07 | Posted By:

Category > Events

The Guiness book of records is planning to try and break the record for biggest number of people dressed as games characters in London on March the 18th at 11am. To take part you need to e-mail them via the address on their site and tell them who you will be cosplaying as and they will confirm the venue.
The site does mention anime fans, so we're guessing they'll allow you to enter your anime costumes if they've been in a game.
They'll be a lot of ninjas then.

Souce: Kotaku

Don't forget your dancing shoes at next LAC!

Date: 2008 January 23 09:31 | Posted By:

Category > Events

The upcoming London Anime Club meeting will be featuring the DDR crew once again, with even more games to play this time, including DDX, with everything on freeplay of course.

A map for the LAC can be found on the London Anime Club website.

Souce: DDR:UK

Virtual Idol Proves to be big in Japan

Date: 2007 December 11 16:27 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The Mainichi Daily News have published an interesting story about some new software that allows users to create their own songs and have them performed by a virtual idol singer. This sounds a bit like a real world example of Sharon Apple to us!

The software Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku uses computer-generated vocals mixed with an actual human voice (supplied by voice actress Saki Fujita). It can be configured to perform any song and has proved to be a big hit with people wanting to create their own virtual idol generated songs.

The article states that the software is especially popular with the middle aged, even though it's priced at 16,000 yen (145 USD / 72 GBP) to appeal to the teen market.

Souce: Mainichi Daily News

Video Games Live - Meet the Mario Maestros

Date: 2007 December 10 13:58 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Wired Magazine are currently running an article on Video Games Live called Meet the Mario Maestros. VGL is the music event that's toured around the world, bringing music from video games into venues that traditionally play classical music. The article focuses the struggles they faced getting started, on it's currently success and it's cross over appeal to gamers and even the orchestra that plays the music.

Souce: Wired

Sonic dashes into Smash bros Brawl in Wii

Date: 2007 October 10 18:25 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Forget the Olympics, Sonic will be a playable character in Nintendo's Smash Brothers Brawl. He'll be joining the likes of Mario, Peach, Link, and Solid Snake.

The official site has a preview video, in which he looks delightfully old school. Best game with Sonic in for years, we it think it might be so!


Otakunews Special: Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Review

Date: 2007 October 10 17:58 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

It's been a while since our last games review, though we urge you to remember the anime and manga reviews in the column on the right. If you've read all those you'll want to know we're also back with a games review.
This time it's the turn of platformy RPG Valkyrie Profile 2 for the venerable PS2. Does this odd mix of RPG and side scrolling work? Find out on Otakunews.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News

Dance Dance: Revolution keeps you fit

Date: 2007 September 17 18:20 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

It seems that physical education teachers in the UK have discovered what gamers have known for ages, that Dance Dance: Revolution keeps you fit. Schools in the UK have taken up DD:R classes to keep children fit in school. Apparently you can burn about 400 to 600 calories an hour in these classes, so it can be fun to keep fit and exercise. The classes are being used as a platform to get children fit, help them exercise regularly and encourage them to go to the gym.

Souce: BBC News

Pokemon GTS- it's super effective

Date: 2007 September 14 18:35 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Nintendo have launched a site called Pokemon GTS, to compliment the online trading system for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It's also semi-educational since you can find Pokemon by spinning a giant globe and clicking in various cities, you then find out various stats and info about that city.

Not sure abut the pronunciation for "Hello" on the London page though. Hardly regional. The annoying Pokemon music on the loading screen? Now that's great.


Souce: Pokemon GTS

Video Games Live Album

Date: 2007 September 09 15:51 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The good folks from Video Games Live have sent some exciting news about an album - Video Games Live: Greatest Hits – Volume One. Due to hit the shelves on October 15th 2007, it contains medleys from some of popular games including Zelda, Mario, Halo, Warcraft, Sonic and of course Final Fantasy.

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

Touchy, Feely Ad

Date: 2007 August 30 18:56 | Posted By:

Category > Freaky Things

New game ad allows customers to feel up a cardboard cutout. Really.

Read More... | Souce: Wizard Magazine

Sony turns PS3 into DVR. Typically this makes us think of anime

Date: 2007 August 22 16:04 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Sony will be launching PlayTV in a number of European PAL territories (UK, Germany, Spain Italy). PlayTV is a device which allows the PS3 to record one channel whilst you view another. Another big plus is that you can stream content to your PSP via Remote Play or transfer it to the PSP to view outside the home.

Whilst I could make a lot of coments about the technlogy, what I'm really thinking about is that combined with Anime Central and Anime Network this could be very useful. Shame I don't have Sky, or a PSP or a PS3.

Souce: Kotaku

Broken arm wrestling game recalled in Japan

Date: 2007 August 22 03:56 | Posted By:

Category > Freaky Things

BBC News are reporting that a Japanese arcade game called Arm Spirit has been recalled after 3 players have broken their arms playing it (and we thought Wii injuries were bad). The manufacturers claim that the arm wrestling machine isn't that strong, however it seems that some players have got too carried away and twist their arms in an unnatural way. The company have launched an investigation into the cause.

Souce: BBC News

Otaku News Special: Chocobo Tales Review

Date: 2007 June 29 17:42 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Hot on the heels of my Spectrobes review (well not so hot but work with me here) comes this review of another DS title, this time by Square Enix. The charming mini game RPG Chocobo Tales. Which stars Final Fantasy's bird mascots.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News

Otaku News Special: Spectrobes Review

Date: 2007 June 12 14:55 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming > Consoles

With the new Pokemon close to arriving in the UK we take a slightly late look at Disney's attempt at the catch-em-em all RPG Spectrobes on Nintendo DS.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News

Naruto but not as we know him

Date: 2007 June 11 14:40 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Whilst the confusion over the inclusion of the Japanese voices in Ubisoft's Naruto 360 game still reigns supreme (did they never think they might release it in Japan in these post IdolM@ster days?) it seems that a Naruto themed character will appear in Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2.

This means keen fans will be able to pitch him in mini game battle against other themed Rabbids including Spider-man.

Souce: Gametrailers

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales UK Nintendo DS details

Date: 2007 May 21 15:21 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Just a quick reminder for our Final Fantasy loving readers in the UK. The nice folks at Square Enix have sent us details for the new Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, it's due out in UK this Friday 25th May 2007.

Read More... | Souce: Square Enix

DS Lite sells over 10 million units worldwide

Date: 2007 May 10 17:55 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The Nintendo DS Lite has sold more than 10 million units in Japan according to Famitsu. Worldwide sales of the DS Lite are over 22 million since the unit was released and combined sales of the old style DS and the Lite are over 40 million.

If you think those numbers are big just wait until Dragon Quest IX is released...


Otaku News special: FFXII Review

Date: 2007 April 29 17:17 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

We suspect if you haven't got this already those of you with Playstation 2 or even dare we say it PS3s will probably be thinking about buying FFXII. So we decided someone (i.e. me) ought to review it, I know it was released in the UK a while ago now, but this being Final Fantasy hours of levelling up and Chocobo riding were required before I felt confident giving a proper review.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News

DBZ MMORPG...yes really .

Date: 2007 March 20 06:18 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Everything is being turned into MMORPG's these days, largely because these are games in which the players keep giving money to the developers even after they've bought it. Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball universe seems set to get the online treatment next.

It will go online first in Korea in 2007 followed by Japan in 2008!

Souce: Daizenshuu EX

Nintendo composer Koji Kondo to perform in San Francisco

Date: 2007 February 20 12:55 | Posted By:

Category > Events

For a special event of the closing night ceremony of Video Games Live, Nintendo composer Koji Kondo will be making an appearance at the event and is set to perform one of his favourite melodies from his career with Nintendo. Tickets for the March 9th event are priced from $38.50 to $65, and are now available at

Read More... | Souce: Video Games Live

Final Fantasy XII cosplay contest

Date: 2007 January 24 09:17 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming > Consoles

We've just been sent a very interesting press release from Square Enix, who are running a cosplay competition to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy XII in Europe and other PAL regions. Three lucky winners will each get a two night trip to London to show off their costumes on stage at the official launch event and they'll also get a Final Fantasy goodie bag.

This is a great chance for cosplayers to demonstrate their creative skills making Final Fantasy XII costumes and also meet some interesting people in the games industry.

Read More... | Souce: Square Enix

Translating Pheonix Wright

Date: 2007 January 19 08:51 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Nintendo have an interesting Q&A with Capcom about translating and localising the 2nd Pheonix Wright game for the DS. The first was a massive success partly because of it's quirky dialogue which heavily referenced gaming culture. Could an anime company get away with changes like this? Or was it the humour than won over fans?

Read and decide.


Naruto DS game will hit American shores soon

Date: 2007 January 10 14:37 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Owners of the Nintendo DS will finally be able to get their hands on a brand new Naruto game. TOMY Corporation and D3Publisher of America, INC. (D3PA for short) today announced the upcoming release of Naruto: Ninja council 3 for the Nintendo DS. Expected to be brought to America in the spring of 2007.

Read More... | Souce: Anime News Service

Wii quite popular then

Date: 2006 December 08 05:45 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

The UK is officially 2/3 into the next gen, with Nintendo's Wii the second off the block and it seems that it's doing extremely well, with reports of extremely crowded Oxford Street launches.

Nintendo are promising four more shipments before Christmas but it's likely these will go toward fulfilling pre-orders. If you haven't pre-ordered looks like you'll have to wait until new year. After recieving a newsletter from Nintendo we'd like to add a small update for Wii owners who might be pleased to hear that Nintendo is supporting the stars system (it's loyalty club) with the Wii, so you'll be able to use those hard earned stars for Wii points. Yay! ^_^


PS3 Disasters Already

Date: 2006 November 18 09:44 | Posted By:

Category > Freaky Things

A dislocated jaw and gunshot customers already reported at releases for the new PS3.

Read More... | Souce:

New version of free Visual Novel makers

Date: 2006 November 16 14:38 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

A new version of the free visual novel maker Renpy has been released.
It's rival the Blade engine which we've previously talked about also released a new version this month. Blade engine has a free and pro version whilst the longer ruining Renpy project is available totally for free.

Panty Explosion the game

Date: 2006 November 10 13:54 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

Every so often we get stories which I'm sure will generate some interesting key word stats next time Joe checks them, this is one. Panty Explosion is a good ol' fashioned RPG available in book and PDF form here's what the website says:

"Panty Explosion is a psychic schoolgirl adventure game. Each player takes the role of a normal Japanese student. One of you, perhaps more then one of you, is a psychic with devastating and terrifying powers."

I'm currently wondering if a rat flail +5 could beat a a psychic schoolgirl...

Read More... | Souce: Atarashi Games

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