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School Rumble

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Released by: Tanoshimi

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Jin Kobayashi

Age Rating: 13+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 978009950633

ISBN-10: 99506335

School Rumble


Tenma is sure that Kenji likes Mikoto so she’s determined to get them together. But when she hears him confess his love to another girl she’s not so sure. Kenji on the other hand is frustrated he can’t seem to confess his love to Tenma without other girls getting in the way .


This volume opens up with ladies man Kyosuke, Kyosuke lives for dates and will flit to the nearest available girl he can find. Rather reminiscent of Kare Kano’s Asaba he remarkably has a criteria, and it seems to stop at Ichijo Karen the super strong amateur wrestler. As far as Kyosuke is concerned girls that strong must be aliens.

Unusually there’s also a few chapters about the girl’s friendships as Eri puts her foot in it and says she doesn’t think " Makoto is cute enough" when talking about Harima’s taste in girls, Makoto predictably steps in at this point and doesn’t give Eri the chance to get herself. Chapters like this really round the series out, whilst the guys get plenty of opportunities to fight the girls rarely do.

The standout chapters in this are the camping trip ones. School Rumble is at it’s funniest when it’s just Tenma and Kenji or else cramming the main cast all together. School Rumble has a tendency to drift a bit but when everyone is all together the gags come thick and fast.

Thankfully the bizarre humour is still in place in this volume as Kenji’s infinity for animals comes back into play. Sadly for him the animals in question are a lot larger than in previous volumes.

Whilst the last volume of School Rumble didn’t seem quite so fresh volume for is back on track. Hugely enjoyable , with a quirky sense of love and humour

Rating: 8/10

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