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Released by: Tanoshimi

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Satomi Ikezawa

Age Rating: 16+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 978009950649

ISBN-10: 99506491



Yaya and Moriyama’s relationship is developing steadily. Yaya is conflicted since she still has feelings for her idol Shohei from the now defunct band Juliet. The trouble is she’s totally unaware that Shingyji Moriyama’s moody friend is really Shohei, the trouble is Nana is more than aware and both see something in each other.


Volume three of Othello hits the ground running as Yaya has a confused dream which features both Moriyama and Shohei. Then once again she finds herself in trouble at school as she is pinned in the school lunch crush, just as Shohei appears looking for Nana. He spots her and kidnaps but to his horror it’s Yaya he talks to when she wakes in his car. The addition of Shohei into the equation adds real energy to the story, giving a real feeling of danger to proceedings.

Nana’s shy and forgiving personality also once again lands her in an uneven friendship this time with Megumi a rabid Moriyama fan. Whilst Megumi gives Yaya compliments she forces her to help in her campaign against Nana who she declares has committed crimes against the Moryiama fan club. The friendship with Megumi is more than a little frustrating as Yaya falls into the same trap as before, I hope by the end of the ark she learns something.

Ikezawa’s art continues to impress, especially the way she depicts Nana and Yaya both look similar but Nana has her own set of no-nonsense expressions and poses whilst Yaya is more understated and girly.

There are little in the way of extras this time, though Tanoshimi do include the standard translator’s notes.

This third volume of Othello has far more energy than the previous two, instead of just relying on the shock of the Nana/Yaya transformation there’s more focus on relationship as both Yaya and Nana start to form real connections with people. I hope that Othello continues on such a high note

Rating: 8/10

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