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Tomo-Dachi 2007 details

Date: 2007 February 07 08:41

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The Tomo-Dachi committee have sent us a press release about their next convention in Northern Ireland. It's set to run from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of August at the University of Ulster’s Magee Campus in Londonderry. This years guest of honour is ADR director, scriptwriter and voice actor Mike McFarland, who's done ADR work on Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood and Dragon Ball, as well as a selection of voice acting roles. Too-Dachi is now open for pre-registrations, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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February 7th 2007. Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Following the success of 2006’s Tomo-Dachi event and the announcement of Tomo-Dachi 2007, Ireland’s premier anime convention opens the New Year with special announcements and the opening of pre-registrations for the convention!

Guest of Honour:
2006 saw Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield’s first ever visit to the United Kingdom and in 2007 Too-Dachi is offering another first. We are excited to announce ADR director, scriptwriter and voice actor Mike McFarland as our guest of honour for Tomo-Dachi 2007.

Mike has worked as ADR director on series’ including FullMetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood and DragonBall for FUNimation Entertainment, as well as lending his voice to characters in DragonBall Z (Master Roshi), Fruits Basket (Ritsu Sohma), FullMetal Alchemist (Jean Havoc) and countless others. Mike also worked in a fairly unique role as the Music Director on BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad.

Change of dates:
Circumstances outside our control mean that the convention has had to be rescheduled from the original dates. Tomo-Dachi 2007 will now be taking place on Friday 24th through to Sunday 26th of August 2007, at the University of Ulster’s Magee Campus in Londonderry.

Booking system / forums
As Wednesday February 7th pre-registrations for the convention have gone live, so you can now book your place for Tomo-Dachi 2007! Convention memberships are limited to 250 places, so book early to avoid disappointment. Full en-suite accommodation is available on-campus for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

The costs of the convention are as follows:

2 day entry - £25
3 day entry - £25 [Up to March 31st, £30 thereafter]

En-suite Accommodation - £25 per night

That’s it for now but we look forward to seeing you at Tomo-Dachi 2007!

About Tomo-Dachi and DAMA:
DAMA was founded in 2004 to bring anime and Manga to the North-West of Northern Ireland, but has managed to appeal much further in its three-year lifespan. 2005 marked the first Tomo-Dachi convention, which surpassed all expectations for both the staff and attendees. TD06 was the largest anime event in Ireland's history, with three days of events and guests from the US and UK in attendance. TD07 promises to be even bigger. More information is available at

Tomo-Dachi is run by the Non-Profit Trust ‘Wakaratai’, dedicated to expanding understanding of Asian culture in Northern Ireland.

Source: Tomo-Dachi
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