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Eden: It's An Endless World - UK release details

Date: 2007 March 14 16:27

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We've been sent a press release from the good folks at Titan Books. They've aquired the rights for the Dark Horse version of Eden. It's due to hit the bookshelves on 27th April 2007.

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Press release as follows:

Titan's Post Apocalyptic Epic Begins

"[Endo] conjures a post-apocalyptic aura of near palpable mystery."
- Booklist

"Soul-searching and philosophical, Eden is a story that explores the instinct to survive...ultimately this story may be about the power of love."
- Active Anime

In the tradition of cyberpunk classic Akira comes Eden, a story about a boy’s survival in a post-apocalyptic world where problems are solved with bullets, love is bought, and his only companion is a cybernetic killing-machine called Cherubim!

The first volume in this new manga series from Titan Books, Eden: It’s An Endless World vol. 1 [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £6.99] finds the planet devastated by the pandemic Closure virus, leaving what remains of a crumbling society in the hands of a sinister paramilitary group known as the Propater. When young Elijah Ballard is captured by a group of mercenaries while searching for his long-lost mother, he realises his adventures have only just begun...

Continuing his journey in Eden: It's An Endless World vol. 2 [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £6.99], Elijah’s quest to find his mother leads to a violent confrontation, and as tensions between the freedom fighters begin to reach breaking point, those who seek them are preparing to mount an all-out assault on their hiding place in Cuzco City...

Philosophical, heartbreaking, action-packed and beautifully illustrated, the highly-acclaimed Eden truly is paradise on earth. Published by Titan in Japanese right-to-left reading format, it weaves a powerful, bittersweet tale for mature readers.

As well as creating the highly successful Eden, which featured in Japanese manga anthology Afternoon, Hiroki Endo has also published the two-volume short manga collection Tanpenshu.

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Eden: It’s An Endless World!
Hiroki Endo
Adults Only!
27 April 2007 • Paperback • £6.99 • 216pp
Vol. 1: ISBN-10: 1-84576-487-0 • ISBN-13: 9781845764876
Vol. 2: ISBN-10: 1-84576-488-9 • ISBN-13: 9781845764883

Source: Titan Books
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