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Anime Encyclopedia UK release details

Date: 2007 March 14 16:43

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We've been sent a press release from the folks at Titan Books. They'll be releasing a new updated edition of the Anime Encyclopedia for the UK on 27th April 2007. This edition has a black cover, along with over 40% new material. The Anime Encyclopedia is a must for otaku, as it's a accurate and well researched guide to the subject unlike a few other books which are nowhere near as good. Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy know their stuff and we highly recomend this guide. Hunting around on will produce a bargain price below the suggested retail price. You'll save money by reading about the type of anime you'd want to avoid, but the only trouble is you'd want to watch more of the titles you've discovered by reading it.

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Press release as follows:

Titan Gives The Last Word On The Japanese Phenomenon

"A valuable resource"
- Ain’t It Cool News

"Impressive, exhaustive, labyrinthine, and obsessive - The Anime Encyclopedia is an astonishing piece of work."
- Neil Gaiman

Across the globe, anime has proved to be an unstoppable force. The most popular comics genre worldwide, worth $40 million in the US alone, the sheer quantity and range of material out there would seem to make the task of cataloguing it impossible. But The Anime Encyclopedia [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £19.99] defies the challenge!

After the highly successful first edition, which sold over 25,000 copies, this is the long-awaited, updated guide covering Japanese animation since 1917!

Required reading for every fan, collector and moviegoer, the Encyclopedia covers 90 years of anime history and over 3,000 titles, fully indexed and cross-referenced. The authors show how the anime universe has influenced creative cultures far beyond its native Japanese shores, as the scene has exploded into pop culture throughout the West, coming out of the peripheral world of comic-conventions and "otaku" obsession to become a mainstream phenomenon.

From the renowned Princess Mononoke and Akira to little-known gems, The Anime Encyclopedia is the definitive, up-to-the-minute guide for Anime and Manga fans!

JONATHAN CLEMENTS was formerly the editor of Manga Max magazine and contributing editor to the online edition of Newtype. He has worked as a voice actor, dubbing director and translator on dozens of anime productions.

HELEN MCCARTHY was the founding editor of Anime UK/FX magazine and subsequently editor of Manga Mania. She is the author of several books on Japanese animation, including Anime!: A Beginner’s Guide and The Erotic Anime Movie Guide

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The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917
Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy
27 April 2007 • Paperback • £19.99 • 896pp
ISBN-10: 1-84576-500-1 • ISBN-13: 9781845765002

Source: Titan Book
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