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Oh My Goddess! Manga hits the UK

Date: 2007 March 15 14:57

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We've got news from Titan Books that they'll be releasing the hugely popular Oh My Goddess! manga in the UK. On April 27th 2007 Volume 1 and 2 should be released. We think it's great that Titan Books are doing this, we just hope they pick up the rights to What's Michael? too.

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Press release as follows:

Titan Books Presents The Beautiful Belldandy

"This is one of Japan's best-known manga and anime for good reason...reading it warms your heart in a way few other comics can."
- Newtype USA Magazine

All it took was one wrong number - now struggling student Keiichi Morisato has one more problem in his life: a goddess who has promised to stay with him... forever!

Nekomi tech university, and Keiichi has just fallen foul of what he thinks is another practical joke - the arrival of a beautiful girl who claims she’s a goddess! When evicted from the all-male dorm, the young couple are thrown headfirst into their new lives together and the often hilarious situations that ensue!

In Oh My Goddess! vol. 1 [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £6.99] the pair are confronted with a crazed Zen priest who believes the gorgeous Belldandy is an evil witch; and in Oh My Goddess! vol. 2 [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £6.99] the Keiichi finds it’s time to get out there and earn some money! From modelling in an all-female art class to test-driving the latest breakneck dirtbikes... how far is he willing to go to prove himself a man? And with Belldandy’s sister Urd always ready to stir up trouble, will the young couple ever get any peace?

One of the most popular manga series of all time, Titan Books presents a new translation of this fun-for-all-ages title in its unflipped, right-to-left reading format.

Oh My Goddess! (known in Japan as Ah! My Goddess) has made creator Kosuke Fujishima a household name in his native Japan and has spawned an anime series – now available on DVD - and over twenty volumes of English-translated manga.

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Oh My Goddess!
Kosuke Fujishima
27 April 2007 • Paperback • £6.99 • 184pp
Vol. 1: ISBN-10: 1-84576-485-4 • ISBN-13: 9781845764852
Vol. 2: ISBN-10: 1-84576-486-2 • ISBN-13: 9781845764869

Source: Titan Books
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