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Marugame Udon Arrives in the UK

Date: 2023 February 23 20:24

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London based readers might have noticed a new arrival in town. Marugame Udon is the world's largest world's largest udon and tempura restaurant with over 1,250 sites globally. The chain prides itself on it's speed of service, quality and value for money with udon bowls ranging from £3.45 to £11.95.

They offer a great range of rice bowls and tempura along with plenty of vegan options. They also serve Ramune. The experience is straight forward. You grab a tray and go along and say what you want, with the meal made in front of you and served rapidly. You then find a table and sit and enjoy.

You can find Marugame Udon at multiple places around London including Spitalfields (Middlesex Street), Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf, Waterloo, Kensington Arcade, The O2, Brent Cross. There'll be new ones opening soon at Liverpool Street Station, The Strand and further afield at Reading.

If you're looking for some quick authentic Japanese food in London you really should give Marugame Udon a try.

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Marugame Udon - Beef Nikutama

About Marugame Udon UK

Marugame Udon - Kake

Marugame Udon, winner of the R200 Best Value Restaurant award, is renowned as the world's largest udon and tempura restaurant, with over 1250 sites globally dotted across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Udon noodles made with skilful hands in open kitchens, unhurried broths, flavour-filled, freshly fried tempura topped with condiments to compliment. All served with love, that's the Marugame way.

Marugame Udon - Pork Tonkotsu

Diners can expect to be greeted with the open-style kitchen where they will be in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the udon kitchen. Step inside and choose your udon bowl over the counter, or from the grab-and-go kiosks. Jazz it up with tempura and omusubi sides, then head to the 'build your own' condiment station with fresh chillies, ginger, and Japanese sauces to personalise your meal.

Marugame Udon - Beef Kimichi Yaki Udon

The speed of service, impressive quality, and value for money at Marugame make it the ideal spot for families, groups of friends, or those dining alone and looking for a bite to eat while shopping or exploring the local neighbourhood. Marugame Udon offers casual and affordable dining, with a menu that is both fresh and affordable, with bowls of freshly made udon starting from just £3.45.

All of Marugame's udon noodles are made fresh in-house throughout the day, using three simple ingredients wheat, salt and water, a traditional recipe which creates a chewier 'mochi mochi' texture of the Sanuki style thick udon noodle. The simplest way to enjoy Marugame's fresh noodles costs just £3.45 for Kamaage - udon straight from the Kama (pot) served in Kama water with sweet and smoky BK fish dashi for dipping.

The menu at Marugame Udon features over 20 dishes with a number of options under £5, including udon bowls, tempura, omusubi rice balls, and delicious desserts like dorayaki pancakes and unlimited soft serve ice cream. Marugame Udon has bundles of freshly made and budget-friendly Japanese dishes to suit all tastes. Customers can also take control of their udon and choose their bowl size when ordering and opt for smaller portions and smaller prices, or bigger portions for bigger appetites. A small bowl of chicken katsu curry udon is now available for £6.95, and a large bowl is priced at just £9.95.

Source: Marugame Udon UK
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